Share the Inside Story: Why We Should Care



Sophie Wadsworth and Marisa Nieves, on Zoom call, program director, Innovation StudioMany presenters make the mistake of fixating on what their product or service is and does.

Here’s what often happens: they passionately detail the tech specs and features, explain each angle of their idea, or take the audience on a play-by-play through the process, with detailed visuals along the way.


But listeners won’t know *why* they should care unless you give them the inside story. Of course you know it, at a cellular level. But they don’t!

Sure, you’ll need to give them enough about the ‘what’ for them to understand your idea or innovation.  Here’s a tip to double check this: Imagine an audience member gets stopped in the hallway afterwards and asked, “What was that about?” If they can give a clear, short answer as to your ‘what’ (since you’ve given it to them in a clear, re-tellable way) then you’re on the right track.

So here’s where you make your ideas stand out:

Spotlight *why* audiences should get excited. 

The key to inspiring an audience about your idea is to dive into the impact. What truly matters.

– How will you make your customers’ lives better by filling an urgent market need?
– How will you empower users or improve industries?
– How will you give your target audience a new way to understand a critical issue?

For example:
You’ve created an app with cutting-edge health tracking capabilities. You could explain in clear – game changing!- terms how it will:

– Enrich and empower users’ lives by helping them take control of their health goals
– Support partners by simplifying daily tasks, saving them valuable time
– Contribute to our society and benefit people in a meaningful way

Essentially, craft your presentation around how you improve lives. Weave in that emotional value and human impact.

You’ll inspire audiences when you spotlight the why, your bigger vision—how you help people achieve their deepest needs and desires. Make them feel that urgency in their gut. That’s what sticks.


Shout out to all you Innovation Studio entrepreneurs who I presented to in our webinar last week on “Storytelling and Founders Credibility”.

You’re on your way to capturing your next audience’s hearts and minds! And a big thank you to program director Marisa Nieves (above) for all you do to support these early stage innovators!


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