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The finest presentations have a strong point of view. They distill complex information and grab our attention with effective visuals. Yet, after working with thousands of clients, we’ve learned that above all, persuasive presenters deliver messages that matter to their audiences. Let us help you resonate.

At the Microphone

If you have a keynote, a major event, or you want to create a TED-style presentation, you can work with me to create your most compelling, inspiring spoken and visual material and deliver it with confidence. Whether you’re live or virtual, build an emotional connection with your audience by uncovering the connective power in your stories.

Speak Like a Leader: Speaker Coaching

Whether you’re seeking to improve your speaking skills for a sales pitch, videos or team meetings, you’ll learn how to speak with an engaging style, build your confidence, and develop your unique voice as a leader. We’ll start from wherever you are in your speaking journey, and visibly improve your skills and your leadership presence.

Story Development

You want to improve your book or blog material, or to increase newsletter or email marketing engagement. I can bring you a deeper emotional connection with your readers, while clarifying your unique material. You’ll hear suggestions from your “first reader” to improve your style and empathic connectivity. Through our collaboration, you’ll make your work more compelling and more memorable. Contact me to discuss your project and to learn more about ways we can work together.

Nonprofit Communications

Build your skills as a leader and fundraiser, explore how to improve your strategic messaging and impact stories. Customized services include: storytelling (and making the ask) for major gifts; event presentations or pitch coaching; leadership coaching.

Nonprofit partnerships include pro-bono work, for a reduced total investment. Please reach out to discuss your specific needs.

Career Success

Whether you are seeking to level up your influence, pursue an internal promotion, or seek out a new job opportunity, improving your speaking and storytelling skills and clarifying what you want to achieve can be a game changer. With one-on-one coaching, you’ll discover new ways to leverage meetings and presentations, or prepare for materials for a job change. Use story and strategic messaging to position yourself to move in the direction you want to go.

Speaker Coaching

To electrify audiences, you’ve got to know your stuff and be comfortable in your skin. We can help you do both. Our made-to-order content and delivery coaching packages will help you communicate your ideas more comfortably, dynamically, and empathetically on stage.

Something More Practical I Need To Share with You...

''I have clients with a story to tell who need assistance to tell it well and with effect. Now I know what to look for.
Larry Raff, MPH
President, Copley Raff Inc.
''Sophie provided me with invaluable tips and suggestions that made an immediate impact on my presentation skills. Her feedback on my communication skills and body language have helped up my presentation game dramatically!
Meera, Senior Manager,
Bristol Myers Squibb


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